Does Your Home Insurance Cater To Damages While Relocating?

Does Your Home Insurance Cater To Damages While Relocating?

Moving out personal properties from one location to a new one is not an easy task and there is a high probability of having either severe or minor damages occurring in the whole process, especially if not properly handled by the movers.  You must have once asked yourself that can any mishap affecting your property be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

The answer to that is not far-fetched! As we proceed into clearing your doubt, one thing that you must let into your consciousness is that; all insurance is not equivalent. All you have to do is to search out the policy that suits your taste. Cheap homeowners insurance is also likely to offer you the least amount of coverage and vice versa.


A home insurance policy is mainly there to cover and provide financial protection in disastrous events that cause any havoc or loss to your house exterior and interior, theft of personal belongings, and also personal liability for someone that has been injured on your property.

Liability coverage covers legal proceedings that are the aftermath of the damage caused by you directly or indirectly. Take for example if your pet broke the flower vase of your neighbor, you can file a claim to refund him or her the loss.  Another one, liability coverage cut across covering you if you’re at fault for damage that affects somebody else’s property.

 Moving forward, in cases where damage to one’s personal belongings is due to natural disasters, or war; homeowner insurance policies don’t cover that. Such reimbursement is only possible upon having additional backup coverage such as flood insurance or earthquake insurance.

Poor home upkeep contributing to any disastrous happening is the house owner’s responsibility as well. In the same vein, the answer to the aforementioned question is that homeowner insurance does not cover damages to your property while moving out in all cases. That package is only provided when the loss is closely related to an occurrence enlisted in the insurance policy.

Take for instance if the vehicle that moved your property got involved in an accident on its way or it got stolen, damages are very likely to be catered for by your homeowner policy.

Covered perils generally include risks such as fire, theft, or disappearance. Protection will be provided depending on the agreement.


No matter where you will be moving to, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that you’re on the right insurance that would protect your property and give you peace of mind. The below points will help gain much clarity about the coverage while packing out.

  • Contact your insurance agent.

Getting to interact with your agent in advance before relocating will give you the avenue to be double sure that you are on the right option that would cover your needs in the process of moving and when you finally settle down in your new home.

In your visit to your insurance agent, review the possibility of having insurance options and limits for your new home. Your contact with your insurance company should also help you figure out if the current plan fits into your heart’s desire and if it also saves your money.  Ensure you go two or three months before moving out.

You can as well sign a contract with professional movers that have such capabilities for your needs. If you decide to move out all by yourself, you’ll enjoy no form of benefits if any of your belongings get damaged.

  1. Know the Specific Homeowner insurance Policy you’re Presently on.

Before venturing into taking your leave from your present residence to a new one, it’s wise if you can go ahead and make consultations with your insurance professional about the policy you are presently using. Seek to know if your coverage is sufficient enough to allow you to move and provide maximal protection to your personal belongings. From there you will know what other steps to take. That’s the first thing you should do, determine the insurance policy that fits your needs

  • Understand your Insurance Options.

Know the available choices you can make.  Some companies are willing to provide your service favorably. There are about eight types of home insurance policies and they are the following:

HO-1 policy (Basic Homeowners Insurance): offers dwelling protection only.

HO-2 policy (Broad form Homeowners Insurance): this option extends beyond dwelling protection to catering for personal belongings and additional disasters.

HO-3 policy (Special Home Insurance): offers dwelling protection, belonging protection, and liability coverage.

HO-4 policy (Renters Insurance): is specifically for renters. It protects personal properties and liability but dwelling protection is exclusive.

HO-5 policy (Comprehensive Homeowners Insurance): is a special mode for new houses.

HO-6 policy (Condo Insurance): is basically for covering the structure of the condo and the owner’s personal liability.

HO-7policy (Mobile Homes insurance.): this option is usually insured for mobile houses.

HO-8 policy (Historical Homes insurance.): is suitable for covering old and historically significant houses.

  • Identify your Limits

Do you know that properties covered by homeowners insurance will be protected to the limits on your policy?  The category to which your personal belongings are attributed will depend solely on the standard limits upon which you’ll operate while moving out.  Some policies might state effective coverage of valuables like furniture or jewelry.

So, talk to your agent and know what your standard limits are. Submit your Insurance Claims immediately after Moving. Don’t delay taking note of damages that might have occurred while you were packing to your insurance professional because failure to submit within the stipulated time will forfeit the whole agreement.  You can as well ask about security systems in your new place.

IN A WRAP, Are you ready to upgrade the coverage for your home? Do you want any more explanation on home insurance policy? You can reach out to home insurance experts here.  They will give you the protection and full support needed on this journey.

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